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Dental Implants – Richmond, VA

Tooth Replacements
That Really Last

Although traditional dental bridges and dentures have been refined and improved over the years, they still have one major flaw—they only replace the crown or visible portion of missing teeth. Fortunately, our team here at Brown, Reynolds, Snow, and LeNoir Dentistry offers dental implants as a truly comprehensive way to bring back your smile’s strength and appearance in the long run. Are you interested in learning more about dental implants in Richmond, VA? Read on and then get in touch with us to schedule your consultation!

Why Choose Brown, Reynolds, Snow, LeNoir Dentistry for Dental Implants?

  • Implant Placement Performed In-House
  • Highly Trained & Experienced Dentists
  • Flexible Financing Available

What Is a Dental Implant?

Animated parts of a dental implant supported replacement tooth

Instead of simply resting on top of the gum line like a traditional denture or bridge, a dental implant integrates with the jaw bone underneath with a biocompatible titanium post. This acts as a tooth root, drawing in nutrients for the bone so it can hold the implant firmly in place. Then a connection piece, called an abutment, and a restoration are attached on top, replacing every part of the tooth’s natural structure.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Model smile  with natural teeth and implant supported replacement tooth

With their unique, nature-mimicking structure, dental implants can provide certain advantages over dentures and bridges alone. For example, while other tooth replacements may only last for up to 10 years, dental implants have been known to continue functioning for more than 30 years! That’s because they are embedded in the jawbone, keeping the area stimulated, which also helps you retain a youthful appearance as you age. With dental implants, you also get to enjoy a stronger bite that can handle fibrous foods, enabling you to enjoy a better diet and better health as a result.

Are Dental Implants Right For You?

Man with missing tooth looking at tooth shade options

Many patients with lost teeth already qualify for dental implants. Basically, you need to be free from any oral infections like gum disease and have enough jawbone to hold onto implants. That’s it! Whether you have just one or all of your teeth missing, we have an implant treatment option that can complete your smile for good. When you meet with one of our dentists, they can examine your mouth, discuss your specific situation, and create a plan to meet your needs.

Missing Single Tooth

Animated implant supported dental crown

When replacing one lost tooth, we can use a single dental implant. Inserted into the socket, the implant is surrounded by new jaw bone growth and doesn’t depend on the teeth around it for stability. Once the area has healed, we’ll place a dental crown on top.

Missing Multiple Teeth

Animated implant supported dental bridge

For those who have lost multiple teeth, we don’t have to place an equal number of implants. In fact, we can use just a couple to retain a bridge or partial denture, replacing these missing teeth as efficiently as possible while still providing the benefits of implants.

Missing All Teeth

Model implant supported denture

Even patients who have no natural teeth remaining can take advantage of dental implants. With four to six implants in certain areas in the arch, a full denture can be secured in place, giving a patient about 70% of the biting force they had before. You can’t get this with dentures alone!

Start-to-Finish Convenience

Model smile with implant supported dental crown

At other dental office, their dentists don’t have the training and experience to handle the entire process in-house, so they refer patients to other specialists in the area. However, we have the requisite skills to surgically place and restore dental implants right here in our Richmond dental offices. We are proud to provide one-stop convenience for our patients and take care of the entire process with the same dedicated team.

Understanding the Cost of Dental Implants

Woman with flawless smile after implant supported replacement tooth

When you do a price comparison of your replacement options, don’t be surprised to see that dental implants have a higher initial cost. But, you need to consider how often and how much you’ll pay to replace those other options over the years. It can all add up! You’ll likely find that dental implants, with their unmatched longevity and many benefits, are a sound long-term investment that is well worth it.

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Dental Implant FAQs

Man with orange question mark wonders about dental implants in Richmond

Dental implants in Richmond are truly unlike other, more traditional tooth replacement options like dentures and fixed bridges, so it’s natural to have a few questions about them. That’s why, for your convenience, we’ve gathered some of the most common questions we get about this state-of-the-art treatment below. We want you to be completely confident in your decision, so don’t hesitate to call us if you don’t see the answers you’re looking for!

How Are Dental Implants Cared For?

While your new dental implant won’t be susceptible to cavities like your natural teeth, it’s still important to keep it clean! A buildup of plaque and bacteria can easily lead to tooth decay or gum disease, both of which can damage the supportive tissues around your dental implant and cause it to fail. Thankfully, caring for your new dental implant is as easy as caring for the rest of your smile! Simply brushing your teeth for two minutes twice a day, flossing between all your teeth daily, and rinsing with antiseptic mouthwash regularly will help keep your dental implant beautiful, functional, and firmly in place for decades to come!

Will I Have to See a Specialist to Have My Dental Implant Placed?

Placing a dental implant is a surgical procedure, so some dentists need to refer you to a specialist. However, at Brown, Reynolds, Snow, and LeNoir Dentistry, we are proud to offer start to finish convenience when it comes to restoring your smile with dental implants. Thanks to advanced training and years of experience, your Richmond dentist will be able to complete your entire dental implant procedure, from consultation to restoration, right here in our office. Your friendly, familiar dental team will be with you every step of the way towards your new smile to ensure the experience goes as smoothly as possible!

How Long Does the Dental Implant Process Take?

Rebuilding your smile with one or more dental implants is a multistep process. First, a small titanium post is surgically placed into your jawbone. Over the next several months, it undergoes osseointegration, where the post fuses with the surrounding bone tissue. This firm foundation in the jawbone is what provides its unmatched strength, comfort, and longevity. Depending on factors such as your age, health, number of dental implants being placed, and lifestyle, it may take six to eight months or more for your mouth to fully heal. While dental implants may take more time to get than dentures or fixed bridges, the permanent, comfortable, and lifelike results are well worth the wait!

Can Dental Implants Fail?

Dental implants boast an astonishing success rate of nearly 99%. Before your treatment begins, your dentist will carefully inspect your mouth for tooth decay, gum disease, jawbone loss, and any other oral health issues that could cause your dental implant to fail. Once these issues have been addressed and your dental implant has been placed, its success will largely depend on how well you take care of it. As we covered above, an unhealthy mouth encourages plaque and bacteria to attack the tissues that help keep your implant in place. Thankfully, as long as you practice great at-home oral hygiene and visit your dentist twice a year for routine checkups and cleanings, your smile should stay happy, healthy, and fully intact for the rest of your life.

If you have more questions or are ready to schedule your consultation, don’t hesitate to give us a call!