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Dental Team – Richmond, VA

Meet Your Dental Family

With two dental offices, several doctors, and countless patients, our team is extremely important to keeping our dental offices running in a timely and efficient manner. Thankfully, our staff is filled with highly-skilled and experienced individuals who are also some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet! You’ll learn to look forward to your appointments with us because they’ll make you feel like you’re seeing old friends whenever you visit. Read on below to start getting to know everyone. 

Nancy, Patterson Office Manager

Nancy’s career in dentistry impressively covers over 45 years so far, and she’s been keeping our dental office running smoothly for the past two decades. She studied dental assisting at Virginia Commonwealth University. Today, what she enjoys most about her role as our dedicated dental office manager is getting to interact with not only the amazing patients, but the wonderful team members as well!

Originally from Rockville, Nancy met her husband at the MCV/VCU Dental School in 1977, and today, both still work in the field. Whenever she has free time, her favorite hobbies include hanging out with loved ones, collecting antiques, and taking on home decorating projects. Here’s an interesting fact about her: she once sang with Tina Turner at a concert of hers in Hampton!

Meghan, Ridgefield Office Manager

Meghan is from Remilk and completed her dental education at Medical Careers Institute. Today, she has been working in this field for nearly a decade! She is also a current member of the American Association of Dental Managers. Every day, she goes above and beyond to build meaningful relationships with our long-term patients.

At home, Meghan and her husband Rocco have three four-legged kids who are all Pitbulls. Their names are Buggy, RaEl, and Rhea! Outside of working hours, she is a big homebody and enjoys cooking. She also loves all things Christmas, besides the presents.

Chelsey, Patient Coordinator

Chelsey’s experience in the dental field spans over six years so far, most of which were spent right here at our dental office! A Houston native, she studied at the University of Houston. Today, what she enjoys most about her role is being to interact so closely with patients and help them have great experiences.

Chelsey and her fiancé Gordon have a Black Lab named Charlie and a Chocolate Lab named Tillie at home. Outside of the dental office, her top priority is traveling – Gordon is an airline pilot, which definitely makes that easier. She also likes sports, having played volleyball at her college. Here’s an interesting fact about her: she actually got engaged at the Eiffel Tower in Paris!

Jane, Patient Coordinator

Jane has been working in the dental field for over 15 years now, and her top goal is to provide excellent customer service to patients in need! She wants to be able to help each visitor feel happy and comfortable as they come in for an appointment. As for education, she earned her Bachelor of Science in Facilities Planning, Programming, and Design from Penn State.

Originally from Valley Forge, PA, Jane and her husband David have two wonderful daughters named Sarah and Alyssa. Both currently work in healthcare administration at VCU Healthcare Systems. Both are also in the process of planning weddings! Outside of working hours, her biggest hobbies are interior design, floral design, golfing, traveling, and scrapbooking. Here’s an interesting fact about her: she has an identical twin.

Meredith, Patient Coordinator

Born and raised in Richmond, Meredith has been working in dentistry for over 15 years now. She attended Virginia Commonwealth University and is certified in X-rays. Today, what she enjoys most about her position is being able to help patients understand all aspects of their dental treatment, from the clinical side to all of the various details about insurance/financing. Helping them coordinate and manage their treatment needs smoothly is always so rewarding!

At home, Meredith’s family includes her husband Shane, her teenage stepdaughter, and her baby girl. They also have two dogs who are also like their babies! When she isn’t busy at work, one of her favorite hobbies is photography – she’s currently building her portfolio and hopes to open her own business in the future. She also really enjoys baking (especially specialty decorated cookies), doing outdoor activities, and spending quality time on the lake with her loved ones. Here’s an interesting fact about her: she’s grown, cut, and donated her hair four times so far, with plans to keep doing so long into the future.

Christina, Ridgefield Admin

Bio Coming Soon!

Jenna, Patterson Admin

Bio Coming Soon!

Debbie, Hygiene Coordinator

Debbie has her Associates in Business Management from the University of Phoenix, and she was also previously enlisted in the United States Navy as a Military Policeman. Today, she’s been working in dentistry for well over a decade so far. Her favorite part of this job is being able to chat with patients and help them navigate their dental care smoothly.

Debbie is from the Cleveland area and has a family of eight that includes six children of all ages, as well as endless fur babies! Outside of the dental office, you can usually find her hanging out with loved ones. She also really enjoys playing softball.

Kristen, Dental Hygienist

Originally from Chesterfield, Kristen studied dentistry at Halifax Community College. She also attended Longwood University. Although she’s relatively new to our dental office, she already loves helping each unique patient feel more confident about their smile!

Outside of working hours, Kristen spends LOTS of quality time with her Yellow Lab Wesley and her little niece and nephew. She also enjoys painting, drawing, and anything Disney! In fact, she used to want to become an animator for them.

Andrea, Dental Hygienist

Andrea studied at Tennessee Tech and completed her Associates in Dental Hygiene from CCRI. Today, her career in the dental field covers nearly 15 years! She always goes above and beyond to build strong relationships with patients through her work.

Andrea was raised in the military and moved around her entire life – in fact, she even attended high school in Germany! She met her husband after moving to Richmond; he actually left his phone number on her car in a Walmart parking lot. Today, they have two daughters and two dogs. Outside of work, her top passions are traveling, sports, and animals.

Ashley, Dental Hygienist

Ashley studied at Reynolds Community College and completed her dental hygiene degree at Old Dominion University. She is also certified in CPR and local anesthesia. Today, she’s been working in the oral healthcare field for over five years. As a hygienist, she really enjoys working alongside and interacting with individuals of all ages. Building trusting relationships is her top priority, and she loves being able to make a lasting positive impact on their oral health!

Ashley and her long-standing boyfriend Derek (who share the same birthday, amazingly enough) have two fur-babies/rescue dogs named Chip and Stella. When she isn’t busy at work, you can usually find her spending quality time with family and friends, putting together crafts, going to concerts, participating in outdoor activities, and trying out new restaurants.

Tess, Dental Hygienist

Tess has been a member of our dental office for over five years so far. She studied at Radford University and Virginia Western Community College, completing her dental hygiene education at the latter. Today, what she enjoys most about her role at the dental office is getting to know each patient well and teaching them all about the connection between oral health and full body health.

Tess’s husband Garrett is an engineer, and they have a baby daughter named Lila, as well as two Labrador Retrievers named Bailey and Lacey. Outside of working hours, she enjoys traveling, spending quality time with family and friends, going outside with Lila and the dogs, and hanging out at their family lake house at Smith Mountain Lake. Here’s something interesting about her: while she’s left hand dominant (meaning that she works and eats with it), she does everything else right-handed.

Cricket, Dental Hygienist

Cricket is from here in Richmond, and her career in dentistry covers over 12 years so far. She studied at Virginia Western Community College. What she enjoys most about her job is a simple answer – the wonderful patients!

Cricket and her husband Matthew have a sweet daughter named Madison and a Jack Russell named Molly. Outside of working hours, her top interests include going to the beach, spending time with friends, and riding her horse Kippy! She grew up showing horses and competing in events at the rodeo. She still does roping and barrel racing here and there when she has the free time.

Yulia, Dental Hygienist

Yulia studied dental hygiene at Virginia Commonwealth University, and she’s also certified in anesthesia. Today, she has been part of our team for over seven years now! What she enjoys most about her work is getting to know each patient beyond just their dental needs.

Whenever she isn’t in the dental office, Yulia’s top priorities are renovating houses or traveling the world in style!

Madison, Dental Hygienist

Madison is relatively new to our team, but she’s already made so many wonderful friends here! Originally from Lawrenceville (a town with only around 1,400 people and one stoplight), she studied dental hygiene at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Madison is proud to come from a loving and wonderfully supportive family. Outside of working hours, she enjoys spending quality time with her dog Sadie and other loved ones, watching her dad’s band play, going to wineries, trying new restaurants, traveling, playing video games, and exploring everything Richmond has to offer.

Lisa, Dental Hygienist

Lisa has been working in the dental field for over a full decade so far! She studied at West Liberty University in West Virginia, completing her BS in Science. Today, she is Registered Dental Hygienist who is certified in anesthesia. What she enjoys most about her role at the dental office is being able to help patients who struggle with severe dental anxiety feel genuinely comfortable throughout their appointments at last.

Lisa currently lives with her long-time boyfriend Chris. She has a brother in England and retired parents who happily travel the United States in their motorhome. When she isn’t busy at work, her favorite hobbies include fly fishing, camping, hiking, kayaking, traveling at every opportunity, experiencing different cultures, doing yoga, reading (mostly thrillers or health/wellness books), and trying different types of coffee from around the world. She’s always also wanted a Blue Heeler puppy and hopes to get one soon!

Kaile, Dental Hygienist

Bio Coming Soon!

Nicolle, Dental Hygienist

Bio Coming Soon!

Renee, Dental Assistant

After studying at Southside Virginia Community College, Renee completed her dental education at A-Z Assisting. Today, what she enjoys most about her role at our dental office is working closely with the other team members to provide great patient care.

Renee is happily married with three children. Amazingly enough, she’s actually married into the royal family of King Abdullah in Amman, Jordan and speaks fluent Arabic! As for personal hobbies, she enjoys traveling, learning languages, cooking international cuisines, and studying other cultures and ways of living.

Bonnie, Dental Assistant

Bonnie’s father was in the Army while she was growing up, so she’s lived in lots of different places around the world. She attended high school in Germany and then studied at the University of Maryland’s European Division. Finally, she studied dental assisting at John Tyler Community College. Today, her career in dentistry spans over 27 years! What she enjoys most about her job is being able to help patients feel comfortable and confident throughout the treatment process.

Outside of work, Bonnie spends lots of time with her close-knit family, her dear fears, and her precious kitty babies. She really enjoys being outside, creating dishes in the kitchen, and discovering lots of new places, foods, and wines. Here’s something really interesting about her: she once assisted for a root canal procedure on a lion at the Richmond Metro Zoo!

Cyndal, Dental Assistant

After attending Tidewater Community College, Cyndal received her dental training from the Park Place Dental Clinic. She also has advanced education in aesthetic and restorative dentistry, as well as dental implants. Overall, her career in dentistry almost spans a full decade so far! Today, what she enjoys most about her role at the dental office is the wonderful people she works with every day – both the patients and the other team members.

A Salt Lake City native, Cyndal is right in the middle of seven children who are now spread all over the country. She and her husband were stationed in Norfolk around 12 years ago and have stayed in Virginia ever since, transferring to Richmond. Outside of work, her top hobbies are doing makeup and hair for her loved ones during weddings and other special occasions, as well as making custom cards and scrapbooking. She also has her black belt in Taekwondo and Shin-toshi Karate!

Melissa, Dental Assistant

Melissa is from Varina and attended J. Sarge Reynolds Community College for her education. Today, her career in the world of dentistry spans over well over 15 years. She loves seeing our patients leave the dental office feeling more confident about their smiles!

Melissa has a husband, a young daughter, and a dog named Bitty at home, as well as two sisters, three nieces, and a set of wonderful parents who all live in Richmond. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with loved ones, cooking, exercising/running, doing updos for close family and friends during special occasions, organizing her living spaces, and watching documentaries and comedies. She also LOVES history and architecture. She hopes to travel overseas one day, but in the meantime, she’s content just admiring old building and farmhouses in the local neighborhood. 

Erika, Dental Assistant

Erika’s career in dentistry spans well over a decade so far, with roughly half of that time spent as part of our team. She never gets tired of being able to help patients achieve their dream smile here!

Erika and her significant other Dan have been together for several years, and she also has a few fur-babies who are her world. Outside of work, her top hobbies are bowling, going to the gun range, and doing pretty much anything that involves animals.

Chelsea, Dental Assistant

Originally from Ashland, Chelsea studied at Virginia Commonwealth University and J Sergeant Reynolds Community College. She is certified to assist during moderate and general anesthesia, as well as being CPR-trained. She goes above and beyond to help our patients have great experiences here!

Away from work, Chelsea has a little family with her husband. When she isn’t busy at the dental office, art is her greatest skill and pastime – she’s REALLY amazing with a paintbrush! She also loves all sports; her uncle played in the NFL, so she regularly participated in games with the guys while growing up. Her other biggest passion is traveling and exploring different cultures.

Lauren, Dental Assistant

Bio Coming Soon!

Lorraine, Dental Assistant

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